What’s the Best Social Media for Your Business?

Unbelievable. Facebook recently celebrated its 15th birthday! For much of those 15 years, Facebook has been the dominant social media platform as far as number of users, both business and personal. Why? Maybe because many users are literally attached to their Facebook feed morning, noon, and night, checking it constantly to see what others are up to, see what companies are selling, look up people from their past or find new friends, add interesting details to their own profiles, and to find out what social events are happening.


At some point during those 15 years, Instagram and Snapchat emerged and the new pool of social media platforms began to dilute Facebook’s prominence. In addition, there was a nagging need to pay attention to Google+ simply because Google created it. Then there’s LinkedIn; people simply didn’t know what to do with LinkedIn because everyone, so it seemed, had a friend or colleague who “got business” from LinkedIn, so posting on LinkedIn, as well as figuring out Google+ became actions for many peoples’ business to-do list.

Now that Google+ is gone and most professionals have come to terms with the basics of how to use LinkedIn, the focus for most people is now on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

As of late, clients and friends are repeatedly asking us the question … “Are people looking at their Facebook feed as much as they used to?” The answer … It appears from recent Pew Research plus what we’ve heard from the general public is that people are taking a break from Facebook.


Facebook’s longstanding dominance as the most popular social media platform may finally be waning after many years on top. Amidst the Cambridge Analytica leaks and the rise of Facebook-owned Instagram in popularity, many people are now asking, “What’s the best social media platform to post on for my small business?

To answer that question, it’s important to assess whether people are still using Facebook all that much, and if so, how often and how their usage has changed.


Yes, people are still using Facebook, however, from what we’re seeing both in practice and in measured results is that Facebook users are looking at their Facebook feeds mainly to get information, news, and updates, whereas on Instagram, the experience is much more interactive. This research from Forrester Research, Inc. (below) shows that the Engagement Rate on Instagram is light years better … 2.3% vs. .22% (Instagram to Facebook). A pretty astounding difference.


For businesses on social media, it’s important for target audiences both to see and to interact with you, your business, and your offerings. Posting on both Facebook and Instagram, at least at this point in time, is like a one-two punch … exposure, then more exposure with interaction.

If either Facebook or Instagram loses its “cool,” meaning people stop going there, then this assessment of it being a good idea to continue to post on these platforms may change. At this point, posting on both Facebook and Instagram is a win/win.

This then begs the question, “Should you post the same exact post on both Facebook and Instagram?” Our expert opinion is that you should not post the exact same post on both platforms. Yes, we know that you may be operating under the notion that Facebook will give favorable treatment if you share the exact same post between platforms. But think of your followers. They may subconsciously ignore your post if they feel like they’ve already seen it.

Do not be a lazy social media poster. You know what you need to do so do it. Give your audience beautiful photos and graphics to look at. Keep people interested in what you’re saying and doing by keeping it fresh and non-repetitive, while still consistent with your business’s offerings.

Finally, “should you be posting on Twitter for your business?” The answer to that question depends on your industry and where (what part of the country or world) your clients are. Twitter dominates in the finance world, with communicative stock traders and investors, and the CNBC crowd in general. Twitter rules in the other industries as well, such as publishing, politics, and in certain science and tech circles. In other industries, such as, real estate, Twitter is not as widely used.

That said, Twitter on the West Coast, in states such as California, is more popular than it is in the Midwest states, such as Illinois and Ohio. This is an important point to understand in a general sense as well. Facebook is generally more popular in the Midwest and East Coast states, whereas as Instagram and Twitter are more popular in California and the West Coast. Overall, Instagram and Facebook have a more general worldwide appeal.

“Which social media platform(s) should your business post on?” As of June 2019, our general recommendation is that your business should post on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and if Twitter is popular in your industry or region, then also post on Twitter. For a specific, tailor-made plan for your business, including which social media platforms, number of posts, timing of posts, time of day for posts, and other details, email us at paradoxmediagroupPMG@outlook.com.

If your business is not posting consistently on these social media platforms, we can help. We use excellent programs such as Canva, Ripl, and Photoshop to make your posts beautiful, fun, and interactive.

Know where to post. Know when to post. We can help.

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