To Boost or Not to Boost

It feels at once, like you’re doing the wrong thing and you’re doing the right thing. You love the Facebook post you’ve just made! It looks great and it’s getting good Reach and Engagement. Your burning instinct tells you that this specific post can help you get more attention for your business, drive traffic to your website, and voila! … get one or more new clients!

You’re excited and nervous, and you take your Facebook post through all the steps to prepare it for Boosting. You choose your target audience, age, location, income, home ownership status, hobbies, and a number of other characteristics.

You use your Facebook savvy to remove all people from the Target Audience who fit some type of criteria, your “Not Audience.”

You watch as Facebook’s numbers come up that show your Potential Reach for your Facebook post if you boost it. Your heart races because you know that your next new client(s) is in that group of people.

Your excitement builds and you feel ready to go … that is, until you see the dreaded payment screen! You start to feel anxious because you know you have to decide on a total budget amount, and you have to tell Facebook the number of days you want your campaign to run.

Your thoughts run wild. “Should I spend 20 bucks or is $50 too much?” “Facebook isn’t going to get rich off of me … I’ll spend 10 bucks!” “Wait, what if my next client is in the thousands of the Potential Reach number? Should I spend whatever it takes to reach every person in Potential Reach?” “Mark Zuckerberg has plenty of money. He doesn’t need my measly $25!”

“How many days do I want this campaign to run?” “Does it make a difference if I run it over 3 days or 7 days or 10 days or 14 days or …” “Oh, it automatically calculates the number of dollars per day. Is that a good amount, only $3.33 per day?” “Okay, let me try 3 days. No, wait, I think I’ll have it run over the weekend so I have to run it for at least 7 days.” “Is there an article I can read that’ll tell me the optimal number of days I should run this Facebook ad?”

arghhhhhhhhhhhh! Facebook Frustration sets in! So, what do you do? You either find yourself clicking the X in the upper right hand corner and forgetting the whole thing or you find yourself shaking your head and proceeding with choices you have no idea will help your business gain new clients or not.

If you proceeded, you clicked the word “Boost” on your screen and you’re so disgusted that you just shake your head, feeling like you wasted yet another $50 over 6 days on a post you once loved, but now feel nothing but disdain for.

So, what is the right answer to the question, “When should I Boost a Facebook post?” As with all things Facebook, there really isn’t a right answer.

The good news, the silver lining, is that marketing and advertising is incredibly difficult (nearly impossible) to measure on an ad-by-ad basis. That means that your overall marketing campaign, above all, must be consistent and continual, not start and stop and not just done a few times.

“In advertising, the term “effective frequency” is used to describe the number of times a consumer must be exposed to an advertising message before the marketer gets the desired response, whether that be buying a product, or something as simple as remembering a message.” (

Some say effective frequency is seven times, others say less, while some studies show between six and 20 times a person needs to be exposed to an ad before they opt to click and “buy.” Clearly there are the exceptions when, say you put up an ad and someone needs exactly what you’re selling and they click “buy” right away. That’s a one-time exposure success story.

But, on the whole, it takes at least a few times for someone to see you, your business, and your accomplishments before they’re ready, willing, and able to pay you money for your product or services.

Trust your gut. Trust your instincts when you think you should spend $30 to run your ad over 4 days (or whatever comes to your mind). Trust it because there is no right or wrong answer, and there is no way to know who will see your Boosted Post. After all, a friend could be looking at a friend’s phone and see your post by accident.

The thing you may really need outside help with (and this is where we at Paradox Media Group come in to help you and your company) is in creating the great post, whether it is a video, beautiful graphics on Photoshop, a Canva template for branding your business or whatever visual marketing you need. Keep in mind that social media is visual.

The posts that generally do best and get the most exposure and activity (Reach and Engagement on Facebook) are those that are beautiful to look at, where the photo or video is visually pleasing and carefully chosen with complimentary colors to work together with the words to make an incredible post.

Another area where we at Paradox Media Group can help you is with all of your writings, whether it’s the words on a post, the copy on a postcard or newsletter, your bio, or anywhere else; our team of writers and editors make careful word choices to market you and your business in the best way possible.

And we at Paradox Media Group can help you with the consistency aspect of posting to your social media. We can help you a little, such as by finding articles for you to post; we can help you more by designing your logo or your branding campaign, and we can go even further to keep you posting on a consistent basis, whether that’s twice a day on a platform, or three times per week.

Our work is not business-specific. We can do these things for you whether you’re a real estate agent, a painting contractor, an interior design company, a candy company, an actor, a clothing store, or whatever business you are in. And we can create posts on any platform … Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or any other social media.

Next time you’re posting to your Facebook and you’re ready to Boost a post, remember, there is no right or wrong way to do it. Trust your instincts.

The bottom line is to be consistent and put it out there. It may be someone’s seventh time seeing your information, and that may very well be the moment they Click to get to you and your business!

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