3 Essential Things Your Facebook Business Page Needs

How good is your Facebook Business page? Take a moment and think about how it looks. Now, think about how it might look to your potential clients. Can they find your phone number? What about your website link? Do visitors to your Business Page know what you look like and what business you’re in?

This information is so important when converting leads through your Facebook Business page. And it’s important to have the right information on your profile so people know how to reach you! Here are the 3 most essential things you need to have on your Facebook Business page.

#1 Your phone number, email, and website link

This is the #1 thing you must have on your Facebook Business page! If you have nothing else on it, have this! Seriously, people who interact with your profile are more serious about reaching you. Most of the time people see your post and keep scrolling through their news feed. People who are more interested or even a little curious will stop and click on your Page Title taking them directly to your Facebook profile. They may or may not ultimately be looking to contact you at the moment, but you want to make sure they have the option to and don’t have to search hard to find it.

2. Profile Picture and Cover Photo

Want to make your Facebook page look more legitimate? Add a nice, professional profile picture of yourself and cover photo related to your field or a good picture you’ve taken. Your profile picture should be clear and in focus on your face. It should be taken with a good camera, in good lighting and not a selfie or a zoomed in close-up of your face from 10 years ago. Make sure your profile picture looks like you but keep it professional.

Your cover photo should somehow relate to your business (this is not required but can be helpful for visitors to identify your business quickly) and if you have a logo, you can include it on your cover photo. Need help finding a good, crystal clear cover photo? Check out unsplash.com, pexels.com, and pixabay.com for great and free photos!

Extra Tip: Be sure your photos fit nicely in the spaces provided, whether you’re putting it on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram. Nothing looks less professional than your head cut off, too much room at the top of the photo, or your image off to one side. (Don’t know how to do this? Email us! ParadoxmediagroupPMG@outlook.com).

Below is a “Facebook Photo Size Guide” to keep your profile looking its best. Note that these types of “cheat sheets” vary depending on the source, but as long as your photo measurements are close to these, it should work fine. Also, each social media platform changes these measurements from time to time so if you’re struggling with a photo not fitting into a platform’s space, be sure to look up the current year’s updated measurements.

Facebook photo size guide

PC: “Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet 2019 + [Infographic & PDF]” statusbrew.com March 22, 2019.


#3 Fill out the “Our Story” section!

This is a newer Facebook feature that shows up under your cover photo. It’s essentially an About page that includes a picture and is one of the first things your potential clients will see on your Facebook Business page. The “our story” section is also a lot cleaner and simpler than Facebook’s about section, which has a lot of extra info on it.

To create a great “our story” section, choose a captivating photo that will encourage people to click on it. Make sure it somehow relates to your business. The bio that goes along with the picture should be simple, compelling, and explain quickly and clearly to your potential clients why they should choose you.

Bonus: Reviews! They’re great and a good idea is to ask past clients to leave them on your Facebook page, so people view you as more trustworthy!


Now, go create an amazing Facebook Business page that resonates with your clients and encourages them to work with you!

And, of course, always feel free to reach out to us with any questions you have about social media and your social media posting. Email your questions to paradoxmediagroupPMG@outlook.com, or text or call: (818)605-9158.